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Changing the world one cupcake at a time.

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bout Me!

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My Vegan Journey started in 2013.  I had been having severe stomach issues for about 3 years, I tried to ignore the problem in the hope it would just go away but soon I ended up in the emergency room being told

I needed an operation to fix the with the advice from my Doctor, that's exactly what I did.

I had to go on a soft foods diet for 3 months to allow my body to heal I couldn't wait to get back to my normal active FOOD LOVING life. 

Food is our family's love language so as soon as I was "better" my dad got the family together & and cooked for us. Not even 20 min after eating I was ill, but how can this be, I’ve done everything the Doctor told me to do AND THAT'S where my food journey began.

I started writing down everything I ate & and how my body reacted, I began researching & and changing my outlook on food. It was clear my body could not tolerate animal products.

It was a no-brainer for me...I cut out ALL animal products from my life & and let me tell you I felt a difference within three days. My mind was blown! I didn't stop there, veganism to me & and my family isn't just about what we consume it’s an everyday contribution. 



Originally known as The Gypsy Kitchen, the bakery was born in 2016 when I liked a boy, he liked anything sweet and I had no clue how to bake.​ So, the pursuit to impress him with cruelty-free, delicious baked goods began. This is where our very first product was perfected "The Choc Chip cookie" P.S. We are now married & have a beautiful vegan family.

It took me many Sunday baking session to "get this baking thing right" but soon something happened that changed everything for me...LOVE! I fell in love with plant-based baking!

At the time I was a swimming instructor so I would bake before & after work. I would spend hours perfecting my recipes & gaining new skills. At that time veganism was still very hush hush so finding vegan baked goods or even just reliable products was very challenging so this fuelled me to make everything from scratch.

At the time my boyfriend Norman, planted a seed in my mind. "At some point something will have to give", stay a swimming teacher or start something that petrified me, my own bakery.

And so the bakery was born! Together with the help of my dad we built the bakery with our own hands.​ The Gypsy kitchen was built from the ground up with so much love & it didn't stop there it spills over into every single bake we make.

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My Journey


The rebranding was a very difficult decision for me. At the time I felt I had put so much of myself into The Gypsy Kitchen and that I had worked so hard to create a name for myself. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough as it is and seeing so many vegan businesses close down around me was very scary and so hard to see, so I held on tight to The Gypsy Kitchen but I soon realized that I am The Gypsy Kitchen and every single bake, cake and treat I have developed over the years will always have a piece of my HÄRT. The Gypsy Kitchen name came with its challenges and if I wanted my brand to grow even better I had to listen to the noise.

I chose to embrace the next big, scary step in my business and commit to a rebrand. I got to work with some incredible human beings who saw the love and passion for what I do and turned it into its language. With HÄRT was BORN !!

A woman baking cake in the kitchen with happy moment

Drawing inspiration from my Ouma and Gran. My gran is the most incredible baker and cook. Walking into her home at any given time, it was filled with the aroma of baked goods and love! She brought our very big, very loud family together through great food and incredible desserts. A family tradition is when you get married all the ladies in the family club together and buy you your very own Kenwood. With that, you get a handwritten recipe book from my gran with all her "top secret" recipes in. Over the years I have taken as many of those recipes and veganized them and so enjoy sharing those recipes with you.

My Ouma, aah my Ouma, my over-the-top, drama queen full of love and belly laughs Ouma. She was an artist and at the time I never saw the imprint she was making on me but she taught us how to make anything and whatever we made it was beautiful! Whenever we went to visit her, we had some sort of art project planned. She was fun, loving, and a free spirit. (The Gypsy)

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